Pastor Brian

Pastor Brian is a loving husband, and father of Brianna, Brittany, BJ and several others not reared in the home who know him as a father figure. Pastor Brian served faithfully with Operation GO for 7 years, prior to becoming Youth Pastor of the Movement Student Ministries at Redemption World Outreach Center. He is an active member of the Anti-Gang Association and Gun Control who inform and raise awareness to crime prevention. He currently devotes all of his time to educating our Youth in Christian education, Godly behavior, and building rapport with positive role models who encourage setting and achieving future goals.

The Movement Student Ministries

We develop authentic relationships during church time and outside of ministry by having friendly, caring, and honest attitudes with our Youth. We connect with our Youth through our weekly Student Connections visits by meeting them on their lunch hours, showing up at games, school events, and birthday
parties. We have Creative Ministries of worship expressed through the arts. (Band, Dance, Media, Drama) Auditions required. We believe in rising up the next leaders of tomorrow. We develop our Youth by first understanding our purpose for being in their life. Leaders develop the Youth with their spiritual formation through Godís word.

Wednesday Night Service @ ReFuel
Doors Open at 6:50 pm
Ages: Junior High Students to High School Students